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Puratos Philippines

If you love baking, or if you're planning to put up a pastry business, Puratos products is definitely what you need. Puratos is not only selling good high quality products but also a convenience! Wondering why? Because using Puratos products can save you more time, less effort, and you can focus on getting your creativity kick in in decorating your cake.

Puratos was one of the first ingredient companies to recognize the unlimited richness of the baking tradition. Its humble beginnings as an ice cream manufacturer in Brussels, Belgium led the way toward bigger vision. With the invention of the first complete bread improver in 1953, the company began its mission to help bakers manage and control their passion. Over the last 50 years, Puratos has continuously introduced new technologies. Improvers, composed of ferments, emulsifiers and enzymes, are now regular ingredients in bakers' recipes. And all to offer them absolute peace of mind, so they can fully enjoy their profession.

Now present in over 100 countries worldwide, Puratos opened its door to the Philippine market in 1983 providing a small range of improvers and confectionery products in the Metro Manila area. It was in 1998 that Puratos Philippines, Inc. was established creating and producing all you need from emulsifiers, enzymes sourdough, yeasts, bread improvers and mixes. Today, Puratos remains one of the few groups in the world to have expertise in all areas of bakery technology servicing major baking corporations, five star hotels, catering companies, supermarkets and hundreds of big and small bakeries all over the country! With its three strategic brands - Puratos for bakery and patisserie ingredients, PatisFrance for fine patisserie ingredients and Belcolade for real Belgian chocolate, Puratos Philippines is able to help Filipino bakers delight their customers every step of the way.

Now on its 28th year, Puratos Philippines continues to be the Filipinos baker's realiable partner in innovation. Over the years, Puratos has helped bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers across the country ro be successful with their business. Through seminars and demonstrations being conducted regularly in Metro Manila and in major provinces, the Filipino bakers are kept informed of the latest solutions and trends in the baking industry. Puratos' worldwide presence allows a constant exchange among its demonstrators, salesmen, marketing and research & development people which enables them to share best practices, update recipes, apply new techniques and create new concepts. Most often, Puratos professionals are sent abroad to be trained in their respective fields. The company invest in its people, they consider them as their most valuable asset. The diversity of its people is one of the company's greatest strengths. But it is by believing in the same values that Puratos can truly deliver the best for their customers. As reliable partners, Puratos believes in team spirit, ethics and quality as essential parts of the way business is conducted. To provide innovation, Puratos believes in passion to help customers, courage to seize opportunities and vision to build on experience and to search eagerly for new horizons. All this with the aim of helping customers prepare for an ever-changing future.

We can expect in the next 20 years  that Puratos Philippines aims to be the best and stay best in their trade. Their mission is to educate and to inspire craftsmanship in the baking industry. The company looks forward to promote its innovations to more bakers from different segments such as bakery chains, catering and food service, bread and biscuits manufacturers, and other related industries. They also look forward to make their presence known to more students from HRM and culinary schools and those taking up nutriw, food technology and other food-related courses as they are the potential bakers and innovators of the future. And with the help of reliable business partners such as the growing Puratos dealerships in different parts of the country, Puratos will be able to reach out to more customers and offer them endless possibilities to help grow and sustain their business.

With over a hundred quality products, a deep understanding of consumers' need, passionate and skills people to carry out the Puratos mission to be reliable partners, there is no doubt that Puratos will be able to continually serve its clients in the best way possible. And all this for one simple reason: just as bread is good for people, Puratos wants to be good for bread.

Puratos wants us to experience convenience, time savings, and at the same time greater freshness!  Did you know that making a single cake base from a scratch needed 9 to 11 ingredients? And will take you 10 to 15 minutes in weighing and sifting! And the cake may dry out easily and quality of cakes may vary. While using Puratos Premix Cake Mix for a single cake base, you just need to have 4 ingredients and that ingredients are their Puratos Cake Mix, eggs, water and oil. And will only require you 2 minutes for preparation! You can really save more time! What really makes it wonderful is that Puratos cake mixes has Acti Fresh©, a cake improver that prolongs the freshness and moistness of the cake and guaranteed consistent quality of cakes!

Here are the list of their Patisserie Mixes:

•Tegral Satin Moist Golden Cake
•Tegral Satin Moist Red Velvet Cake
•Tegral Satin Moist Chocolate Cake
•Tegral Satin Creme Cake
•Tegral Satin Creme Cake Chocolate
•Tegral Satin Creme Cake Toffee
•Tegral Daily Muffin
•Tegral Sponge
•Tegral Fudgy Brownie
•Tegral Butter Cookie
•Tegral Macaroon
•Tegral Eclair

Some of the beautiful and delicious creations Puratos prepared for the bloggers and guests

These are some of the cakes that Chef Dirk De Vriendt created on the spot during the event. 

Puratos create the perfect mobile app for the people who loves to bake, entrepreneurs, bakery owners, or even to those who are a retailer of baking ingredients. And that is "My Bakery"! It's a mobile app that stands as your 'handy buddy' in your baking life, your virtual best friend for your baking business!

Here are the list of privileges of the app:

•Locate Puratos dealer near you
•Be updated on their events
•Discover the latest products
•Get product information such as description, shelf life and usage rates
•Watch informative videos
•Order online through Puratos Express Delivery
•Get recipes in just few taps
•Customer Service Assistance
•Save your favorite products

Now, you can experience convenience at your fingertips with "My Bakery" mobile app! Download it for free!

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