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Go on a journey to the land before time with The Mind Museum’s Dinosaurs Around the World!

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Millions of years ago, dinosaurs were seemingly larger-than-life creatures that roamed the Earth before our early relatives ever did.

Fast-forward to our present day world, and people are still entranced by dinosaurs and their domination over the Mesozoic landscape. They have even infiltrated pop culture references as they continue to fascinate with their immensity – both in size, and in their diversity.

Now, you can get the next best thing to traveling back in time to the prehistoric age.

Go on a journey to the land before time as The Mind Museum hosts its newest spectacle, the international traveling exhibition Dinosaurs Around the World – Passport to Pangea. Supported in part by Mastercard, the exhibition was launched on the Museum’s 5th year of bringing science and wonder closer to the general public, and will run from September 1, 2017 to March 2, 2018.

Your passport to Pangea

Dive right in and get your passport ready for a tour to Pangea, the original supercontinent from 270 million years ago when the continents we know today were merged together. Discover the life and times of the dinosaurs with the full experience of learning about their habitat, diet, and about nature and events that scattered the dinosaurs and made them different from one another.

Who exactly are some of the dinosaurs you’ll get to meet? You’ll first be welcomed by the Amargasaurus – a plant-eater that makes use of its long neck with notably tall spines to feed on plants high up in the trees and down low on the ground. Have a face-to-face encounter with the three-horned-faced Triceratops, the small but agile Velociraptor with its large retractable claw, and the toothless Oviraptor who sports a beak and a bony crest on its head. Once you reach the Canopy Plaza, you’ll get to learn a thing or two from the Spinosaurus, also known as the world’s largest carnivorous dinosaur. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so check out the exhibition for yourself to find out more about the rest!

Aside from the advanced life-like animatronics, Dinosaurs Around the World also features an extensive collection of fossils, authentic dino casts, and various activities designed to make everyone experience being a paleontologist for a day.

This world-renowned exhibition has gone to many places since 2015, right before making its pit stop in Manila this 2017. It managed to share all about the world of dinosaurs to the curious over at Toledo, Ohio’s “Imagination Station”, at Florida’s “South Florida Science Center and Aquarium”, and over at New York’s “Clinton Presidential Center”.

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Cities Traveled

When it comes to sharing all about the grandeur of dinosaurs, there’s no doubt that “Dinosaurs Around the World” is an exhibit that has gone places.

Before making its way to Manila, this international traveling exhibition has been featured all the way in the U.S.A., hosted by some of these world-class venues:

-        “Imagination Station” at Toledo, Ohio (May 2017 - present)
-        “South Florida Science Center and Aquarium” at Florida (November 2016 - April 2016)
-        “Clinton Presidential Center” at New York (April 2015 - October 2015)

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-        Dinosaurs Around the World is not simply a dinosaurs theme park. It is one of the greatest “Once Upon a Time” stories ever about these most magnificent creatures who lived on our planet. The exhibition tells about their beginning and ending, and how these all happened.

-        Feel that your part of the story – joined by the main characters, the dinosaurs identified from different parts of the world, in a setting complete with sights and sounds across all the continents, and with clues – or fossils.

-        Great for selfies but also for "mindfies" - those sparks of your own self-discoveries that you experience as you encounter amazing scientific stories that accompany your exploration within Dinosaurs Around the World. 

-        We have created special "itineraries", in the form of activity sheets, for families and school groups to follow as they journey through the exhibition to have the most complete encounter with dinosaurs in all their magnificence! 

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-        The exhibition gives you a tour of an Earth very different from today, before the continents we know existed – like when lush landscapes covered Africa and tropical beaches were found in Antartica!

-        PANGEA is the original super continent. 270 million years ago, all seven continents we know today were part of a single giant landmass called Pangea. Everything was interconnected. If it happened on Pangea, it really stayed on Pangea. 

-        SOUTH AMERICA is the birthplace of dinosaurs. These were relatively small dinosaurs, but they gave rise to all other dinosaurs, many of which grew to tremendous sizes.

-        ANTARCTICA was not a frozen continent like today. It was a lush environment characterized by forests and ferns. Long-necked herbivorous sauropods were found here due to its green landscape.

-        AFRICA is home of the world’s meanest dinosaurs. When Pangea broke up about 150 million years ago, Africa was part of a landmass drifting southward (Gondwana) and began developing its own distinct dinosaurs, some of which were the largest to ever walk the Earth, including the largest carnivore Spinosaurus.     

-        ASIA is home to the first “dinosaur fashion show”. In the 1990s, paleontologists found well-preserved remains of small predatory dinosaurs which they believed to have had feathers! This was the first discovery of a dinosaur that was not entirely covered with scales. The discovery helped scientists to understand that birds are not just closely related, but are in fact, living dinosaurs!

We’re dishing out some fast facts on a few out of the many dinosaurs that you’ll meet at the exhibition. Read on to say hello!

  1. Amargasaurus
-        uh-MAR-guh-SAWR-us
-        The “La Amarga Lizard”, since it was first discovered over at Amarga.

Great things can come in small packages too! The Amargasaurus is the smallest sauropod at over 33 feet long, and it used its long neck, with notably tall spines, to feed on plants down low on the ground and high up in the trees. This will be the first dinosaur you’ll meet upon entry in the Special Exhibition Hall.

  1. Spinosaurus
-        SPY-nuh-SAWR-us
-        Means “spined-lizard”

The Spinosaurus is the largest ever carnivorous dinosaur. It can reach up to 55 feet tall, which makes it even larger than the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex! It considered Africa its home during the early Cretaceous Period from 112 to 97 million years ago. You’ll find both the Spinosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus rex towering over you at The Mind Museum’s Canopy Plaza.

  1. Triceratops
    - try-SAIR-uh-tops
    - Known as the “Three-horned Face”

    Found in North America (Laurasia) during the late Cretaceous period from 68 to 65.5 million years ago, the Triceratops is one of the last few dinosaurs to walk the Earth. Its distinct feature is its large skull, complete with a neck frill and three horns. Its head could could grow up to 8 feet long or a third of its body length.

  2. Velociraptor
    - VEH-loss-ih-RAP-tor
    - Known as the “Swift Plunderer”

    Standing at 6.75 feet long, this small carnivorous dinosaur from Mongolia is quick on its feet The Velociraptor stood on two of its toes, while the remaining toe had a very large retractable claw, which can be used to fight. While you might know the Velociraptor made popular by the movie Jurassic Park, you might be surprised to learn that in recent years, studies show that they actually had feathered wing-like structures too!

  3. Oviraptor
    - O-vih-RAP-tor
    - Known as the “Egg Stealer”
    - A small carnivorous, toothless dinosaur from Mongolia, with a bony crest on its head and a beak like a bird.

The Mind Museum is a project of the non-profit Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc.  It is dedicated to providing an extraordinary educational experience that inspires the public understanding of science.

Since it opened its doors last March 2012, The Mind Museum has welcomed over a million visitors made up of students and families, who have witnessed science and nature roaming, talking, exploding, and flying, be it thru the exhibits, or the museum’s educational programs.  The Museum takes pride in being a museum designed by Filipinos for Filipinos, as it reaches out to the world to contribute fun learning and understanding.

The Mind Museum has also conceptualized and developed 5 traveling exhibitions which have been inspiring kids and families from all over the country – from 4 cities in Metro Manila to places as far as Pampanga, Laguna, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Cebu and Ilo-Ilo.

Museum patrons can still expect more awesome and new exhibit spaces, popular educational programs such as Astro Camp, Science Sleepover, Junior Mind Movers, and CSI 101, science shows and activities presented in a whole new level.  

Imagine Exhibitions is currently producing over 25 unique exhibitions in museums, science centers, aquariums, integrated resorts, and non-traditional venues worldwide. In addition to developing successful traveling exhibitions, Imagine Exhibitions designs, opens, and operates permanent installations and venues, and consults on building, expanding, and directing museums and attractions. With over 25 years of diverse experience in the museum and entertainment industries, Imagine Exhibitions consistently develops exhibitions that educate and excite while exceeding attendance goals. For more information, visit www.ImagineExhibitions.com

 Make sure to book yourself a trip back in time to meet Dinosaurs Around the World while it’s in Manila, over at The Mind Museum!

Operating Hours
Tuesdays to Sundays, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (closed Mondays)
Time Slots: 9am – 10:30am | 10:30am – 12nn | 12nn – 1:30pm
                    1:30pm – 3pm | 3pm – 4:30pm | 4:30pm – 6pm

Admission Fees
Dinosaurs Around the World Only                                                                             Php 300 (Adult/ Child)
Museum 3-hour Visit, PLUS Dinosaurs Around the World                                       Php 825 (Adult)
        Php 675 (Child/ Private School Student up to College)

Tickets are available at The Mind Museum’s ticket booth, and online via www.themindmuseum.org.

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Use your Mastercard and avail of a 3+1 treat to any admission ticket to The Mind Museum, including Dinosaurs Around The World!  Promo period is until December 30, 2017. Valid for admission ticket purchases from The Mind Museum ticket booth.  See full mechanics poster for details.
Per DTI – FTEB Permit No. 10050 Series of 2017

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