Friday, October 21, 2016

A dose of glam and art on Modern Living TV

                                                  Bianca Gonzalez

                                                       Stephanie Zubiri


This week on Modern Living TV, Stephanie Zubiri meets jeweler Macky Fah, the woman behind FahLux, a brand for exquisite sparkles perfect for daily wear, and Fae, a new line of luxurious beeswax candles that are fast becoming a cult favourite among Manila’s fashionable set. 


Stephanie also tours the Provenance art gallerya brainchild of the lovely couple Raul Francisco and Joanna Preysler, which aims to promote brilliant contemporary Filipino art to the rest of the world. 


Also in this week’s episode, Bianca Gonzalez hears the advantages of homeschooling from a parent who shares her wonderful experience homeschooling her child. They will also discuss different homeschooling options, and why it’s a viable choice even for parents who aren’t always at home. 


Bianca also visits Suntrust Solana, a modern contemporary inspired community with unparalleled accessibility to Metro Manila’s key destinations. Solana which means “sunny side of the mountain”, is a premiere development that will capture the hearts of modern Manileños, allowing them to indulge in worry-freeconvenient city living.


Every episode of Modern Living TV features the latest eye candy in the form of breathtaking living spaces and other elements of modern living. 


Don’t miss Modern Living TV’s latest episode! Now on its 6th season, Modern Living TV airs every Saturday on ANC at 6:00 p.m., with replays on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. Modern Living TV is the first lifestyle TV show by a news media organization.


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