Monday, September 19, 2016

Hey Sugar And Nailaholics

Yesterday, we had a chance to go and have some "me time" at Nailaholics, Glorietta 3. With my mom, sister/blogger Gerilen, and her Mother-in-law, tita Luz. The store is located at the 3rd floor level, beside Ooh La Lash. Thanks to our blogger friend/PR ate Leomy for including us! :)

Nailaholics is the newest Nail Salon & Spa in the metropolis that offer a wide variety of services from nail care, nail art to spa and massage. It is the most hygienic nail salon & spa in the country. With close to 70 destinations nationwide, Nailaholics Nail Salon & Spa is the country's leading destination for pampering services that allow you to feel like you're taking a vacation!

With my mom and babylove! 💕 Excited to try their services. 

Manicure and Pedicure with Footspa are the services we tried. Thanks to my babylove, he's so behaved! 😊💕

What can I say? The staffs are very friendly and accommodating that guarantees a comforting and satisfying services.

Ever since I got pregnant until I gave birth to my baby, I seriously never had some nail polish again. Finally, I had my nail polish done after a looong time! Haha! :) Thanks to Nailaholics! Truly, being pampered feels so good! 😌 

Check out Nailaholics Nails Salon and Spa

Official website:
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Official Twitter:

Got a problem with your hair? Do you want to be hair-free? Hey Sugar Waxing Salon is a hair-removal specialist. Waxing is still the go-to treatment of girls who want to keep their skin smooth.

These are some of their products. 

The staff at Hey Sugar are very friendly and nice. I tried their eyebrows threading. They did a fast but good service. I'm satisfied and I feel pretty after. 💕 Thanks to Hey Sugar Waxing Salon! 

Check out Hey Sugar Waxing Salon

Official Website:
Official Facebook Page:
Twitter/Instagram: @HeySugarPhils

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