Sunday, August 16, 2015

Reva Flip Flops and a Teal Surprise!

I used to love heels and wedges, but ever since the babe started running, got pregnant again, and now nursing a wound (hurray for  cesarean section - it's a way to save angels!), I exchange my stilettos to comfy slip-on shoes! And mind you, my latest find made me a bit more crazy than usual!
It's the Reva Footwear! This is worth the rave because of it's simple designs and comfort. I prefer comfort than style when it comes to footwear - so this brand is something that delighted me. It really is promising, plus the fact that it's not just good on my feet, it's good on my wallet too!
What's in my Reva Footwear shopping bags? :D
Well, the babe helped me out on carrying the bags so... Thanks babe! The paper bag was crumpled but no damaged good! :) Chores for toddlers? Here.
I got these flip flops on sale!
I love the flower fringe and the white polka dots!
The teal surprise? This.
The details are good. The linings are nice and white dots? Yes please!
Why does these mint green soles reminds me of an ice cream flavor with chocolate drops? I must be famished! I guess I have to end this post already!
Oh my! Now you know my size! :D

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