Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Girly Stuff - Bloggers' Elite Polish Collection

Girly Stuff recently launches its latest summer collection - The Bloggers' Elite Summer Collection with shades taken from these four Girly Stuff Blogger Ambassadors:
Nikki Tiu of www.askmewhats.com
Cristina Decena of www.struttingonsunshine.com
Jackie Go of www.gojackiego.com
Frances Amper Sales of www.topazhorizon.com
Bloggers' Elite Polish Collection
  • AskMeWhats - from beauty and mommy blogger Nikki Tiu "A Bohemian Pink shade.  I personally picked this shade because this isn't your usual pink polish!  AskMeWhats is an extraordinary, very feminine shade like an orchid because of its lilac undertone.  This shade reflects my personality --- young at heart and very cheerful!"
  • StruttingOnSunshine - from a fashion entrepreneur, event organizer and blogger Cristina Decena "What struck me the most with this blue shade is its brilliance!  I see sunny skies and cerulean seas..this shade is like a dreamy cruise in a bottle!"
  • Go Jackie Go - from mommy blogger Jackie Go "Girlstuff totally nailed it with this shade.  It has captured the calming hue of nature.  And this type of shade works well with any skin tone.  So it's a perfect shade to frolic in this summer."
  • Topaz Horizon - from mommy blogger Frances Amper Sales. "This yellow shade is so bright and happy, you just won't be able to ignore it!  It's bold and fun!"
We're giddy excited to try all of these polishes from GirlStuff! Perfect for summer, these shades will definitely complete your summer #OOTDs! Good news ladies, these polishes are free from  Big 5 (Formaldheyde, Toluene, Dibutyl-phtalate, Formaldehdye-resin and camphor)!
For only Php120.00 each - these gel-typed polishes are very affordable, summer-y and girly! I will surely get all four shades!


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