Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Playtex Gentle Glide 360

I'm always open to changes, I'm excited to try new things and experience new adventures, and that includes trying out this awkward-monthly-period must-have. I must say that I'm a noob on this. My mom is actually against it and I don't understand why. She's not even open on trying it out, and I hope at least not yet. As I could actually leap and jump and kiss this thing (right before I use it of course) because it just makes e-ve-ry-thing (I hope I emphasize it enough) better.
Most Filipinas are not familiar with this and I'm happy that this is now available on our local drugstores like Watsons. What the heck am I blabbering about? Tampons.
Tampons are taboo. It removes your virginity. Destroy the hymen. It's awkward to use. It's uncomfortable. Wrong! It doesn't devirgin girls and it won't be uncomfortable if you know how to properly use it. Surprisingly, my first use was smooth and all comfty! Yay! By the way, these are what swimmers use when they have their period and still wanna go plunge.
playtex glide360
Playtex 360 has triple layer design that provides multi-dimensional protection that conforms to your body hence it prevent leaks. The slim applicator and rounded tip helps in smooth insertion and the cone shape pledget helps for easy and smooth removal.
It also comes in hygienic and durable wrapper that lets you take you tampon everywhere you go.
Playtex Gentle Glide 360 comes in different sizes.
1.2cm for slender (light) that absorbs less than 6grams.
1.4cm for regular that absorbs 6-9grams.
1.6cm for heavy (Super) that absorbs 9-12grams.
Super Plus for night-time that absorbs 12-15grams.
I personally prefer the Super and Super Plus sizes as I only use this once every month on my heaviest day and when I have it and I need to go run errands, move around or climb a skeleton building. I also place a liner on my undies for back up. No stain, no sweat. I also alternate my use of regular napkin and tampon to avoid TSS - Total Shock Syndrome. You don't need to use this the entire time you got it. Besides, it's too expensive to use every time compare to regular napkins.
I am now an avid fan and  will be using tampons for the convenience of it and I only am buying the Super size for obvious reasons.


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