Friday, August 22, 2014

ELIZABETH: How I Get Rid of my Pimples

So girls, this is my secret! haha :) Presenting...Acne Solutions from CELETEQUE! ;)


Before I go to bed, I wash my face with soap and clean water to remove my make-up and I put a small dab of CELETEQUE Acne Solutions on my pimples. It's really amazing and it works like magic to me! :) It's a facial moisturizer gel that dries up your pimple for about 2 nights only.. Proven and effective for me! ;) 

This CELETEQUE's are samples only that I received from BDJ Box and it's also my first time to use this product. So, after I emptied this cute tiny tubes, i'm surely planning to buy this product! ;)

Live, Love, Laugh,


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