Thursday, May 30, 2013

FOOD TRIP: Good Taste

Aside from Jacks Restaurant this is one of the great local cafe and restaurant in Baguio City. This Good Taste branch in Legarda compared to the first Good Taste - located near Dangwa Jeepney Terminal behind Baguio Center Mall - is much better - in location - easier access to taxicabs, with free 2-hour car parks, the comfort rooms are cleaner and since its like 4storey high (not sure) it has spacious dine area (I think the 2nd floor could be use for events like wedding receptions, meetings and company lunch out)!

Picture3 259

Self service for utensils and purified water. You could always ask for a refill or for a pitcher if you're a group and some condiments are readily available on each table.Picture3 281

Did I mention it was spacious? Walk area is wide enough to avoid queues and food server traffic! :)
Simple chairs and tables, high ceilings give it a feel clean and the earth-toned textured columns gives a discreet vintage-y look, the lighting is so-so, and I'll give the greens a thumbs up!
Picture3 265

This photo is taken outside before the hallway of the main entrance.Picture3 261

Meals here are usually local and cheap, good for sharing and is unbelievably scrumptious! The vegetables are crisps. Fresh ingredients I guess is the not-so-secret secret behind their dishes that could leave your stomach happy and tastebuds satisfied! :)

Now on to what's to bring on the table! :)
It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to choose which viands to order,or which cake to eat, which drink to drink, gahhhh! The menu is so wide, I suggest to look on the menu beforehand if you're on a budget and/or on a diet for that matter too! Beware, the names of menu could betray you! Tahaha

Beef Brocolli
Picture3 273

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet
Picture3 274

Pinakbet na Gulay
Picture3 276

Garlic Buttered Chicken
Picture3 277

Pancit Canton
Picture3 279

Picture3 278

This was taken before all of our orders were served. :)
Picture3 271
Our table was long enough to accommodate 12 pax and we still have space for baby's things, carriers and stuff like that. We had a great time chatting away, the service crews were friendly and accommodating. I just wish they have table napkins and tissues available on the table together with the condiments, everything else is okay. :)

 If you can't decided which order to try, or if its your first time, you could ask for their best sellers like what we had, and they recommended to Garlic Buttered Chicken. Try the Pata Tim if you're not avoiding pork.
Enjoy Baguio! :D


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