Thursday, December 06, 2012

Firmoo x Gerilen Elinessete International Giveaway!

There are those days a long time ago when spectacles a.k.a. eye glasses are worn only as a device. Either to correct eye vision, to protect the eyes during construction e.g. welding irons and even to shield against ultraviolet light. Grannies never thought that one day this simple invention of a spectacle would be worn simply just for aesthetics a.k.a. for fashion purposes!

And when I hear the word "eyeglasses", first thing to come up to my mind is Firmoo! Why, it is the world's most popular online eyeglasses  store, plus they offer glasses for as  low as $8!

Now ladies and gentlemen, who wants to have fashionable eyeglasses for free? I sure do! Here's the thing, Firmoo is generous enough to sponsor a $500 worth of vouchers for my lovely and handsome worldwide readers! Yes, boys can also enter this amazing giveaway!

The Firmoo Voucher* gives you a $20 off** when you place an order*** at Firmoo!
*Except for designer eyeglasses
**Voucher valid until Dec. 25, 2012
***Shipping is available for additional fee


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