Thursday, December 20, 2018

Del Monte Spaghetti Squad Invaded Mall of Asia!

Last December 13, 2018, Del Monte Spaghetti Squad was in Music Hall at SM Mall of Asia for an afternoon fun activities!

Del Monte set up five amazing Spaghetti photo booths that you can enter to take photos of the different unique ingredients each pasta sauces has.

Del Monte Sweet-Style Photo booth

Del Monte Italian-Style Photo booth

Del Monte Carbonara Style Photo booth

Del Monte Filipino-Style Photo booth

Del Monte Creamy and Cheesy Photo booth 

Del Monte Spaghetti Squad Headquarters offered delicious dishes, fun games with exciting prizes and meet and greet with the Del Monte Spag Sarap Squad members - Sweetie for Sweet-Style Sauce, Taliana for Italian-Style Sauce, Ino for Filipino-Style Sauce, Carlo for Carbonara Sauce and Chessy for Creamy and Cheese Sauce.

I've tried all the Del Monte Spaghetti sauces, and it tastes so delicious! My favorite sauces are Sweet-Style and Creamy & Cheesy!

The event was open to public and many people strolling around the Mall got the chance to taste it for free, all they have to do is just list down their name at the registration area. 

Del Monte Sweet-Style Spaghetti Sauce has the right sweetness and delicious aroma that will surely liked by kids! It's ingredients are perfectly blended with the added flavor of Parmesan cheese that brings out a perfect sweet taste your family will love. 

Del Monte Filipino-Style Spaghetti Sauce is not just sweet, but also meaty and cheesy, with a Kumpletong sarap that's loved by kids!

Del Monte Italian-Style Spaghetti Sauce, seasoned with seven secret herbs - basil, oregano, thyme and other spices, with the added flavor of Parmesan cheese for a rich and flavorful pasta sauce experience. 

It's made with 100% California tomatoes and real cream, blended with the natural flavor of cheddar cheese. Definitely the creamiest and cheesiest spaghetti sauce ever! 

Del Monte Carbonara Style Spaghetti Sauce is white pasta sauce made with real cream and milk.

All Del Monte Spaghetti Sauces has different recipes at the back of the packaging and for more recipes, visit:

Now we can serve easy but delicious pasta everyday with Del Monte pasta sauces!

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