Saturday, June 02, 2018

All You Need is Bubble Man!

Ever since, washing dishes was my favorite part of doing household chores! I'm happy that I found diswashing liquid that's gentle on my skin! It's Bubble Man! It can removes dirt and oil from your dishes and rinses off easily. Bubble Man are Philippine-made Dishwashing Liquid that promises to make cleaning easier and more fun for the entire family. It is highly efficient, economical and environment friendly!

Bubble Man are multi-tasker! You can clean your kitchen sink with just a single drop of it mixed in water. A few drops in a water bucket, can clean the entire floor or the car! And oh, did I mention? It can also be used to clean toys and to your delicate make-up brushes because of it's gentle formula. It's amazing! Right?

It is also three times more affordable than the market’s leading brand, and cleans more items than the average dishwashing liquid.

Being biodegradable, Bubble Man prides itself in being very gentle on skin, preventing skin irritations and allergies! That's why I love using Bubble Man.

Bubbleman comes in three variants: Lemon, Antibac and Kalamansi scents. The 270 ml size retails for only Php 32.50, while the 880 ml bottle retails for only Php 70.00, with special promo pack 270ml for only 55.00 while promo pack 880ml is only 130.00

Try the power of Bubble Man now and save more! Aside from many uses, it's very affordable! Bubble Man are available at all leading supermarket such as Puregold, Mercury Drugs, Robinson, Waltermart, Landmark, Fishermall Supermarket, METRO  and other groceries nationwide and is a proud product of Mikewell Corporation.

About Mikewell Corporation

Mikewell Corporation is a 100% Filipino-owned company established by two Chemical Engineers in 2005, with the objective of creating house cleaning products that improve quality of life, through clean homes and a safe environment.

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