Sunday, August 06, 2017

My Vivere Salon Experience

Beautiful gorgeous hair? If you want something unique on your hair, come and visit Vivere Salon!

All the stylist of Vivere Salon are trained in the signature techniques of the Vidal Sassoon Academy, known for their easy to maintain, manage, wash and wear but unbelievably stylish approach to cutting. In Vivere Salon each snip and angle is designed to create shape, texture and form based on what is most flattering to their clients face shape.

They have the visual, modern and natural feel for what works on the client's hair they handle. They really have a great sense of style.

Team Vivere has expertly trained stylist and colorists that's inspired by the world of fashion, art and beauty.

They have a range of scientifically proven hair treatments from Schwarzkopf, designed to make everyday styling easier while ensuring the health of their client's hair.

The Salon has modern interior design that fits into your lifestyle.

Reception Area

Washing Area

My hair before they did everything 

My hair was rebonded last November 2016 and was colored last March 2017. Professional Hairstylist Sir Bryan Claudio noticed that my hair is so dry. And he rate it as 100% dry! I really can't believe it! So sad about that!

The first thing that they do is ready my hair for hair coloring. His assistant named Ms. Rose, shampooed and blowered my hair to removed oil and dirt.

My hair after blow dry and before hair coloring

With the help of Ms. Rose, they apply the hair color using Ash Dark Blonde to refresh the pigment of my hair.

They leave it for about 30 minutes then rinse it with running water and blow dry again.

Then they apply a hair treatment to make my hair soft and to recover from damages! After leaving it for about 30 minutes, Ms. Rose rinse it and blow dry my hair.

I can feel that my hair feels so soft and smooth! After drying my hair, Sir Bryan cut my hair into round layer. It gives my face a frame and as a hair contour also.

With Professional Hairstylist Sir Bryan Claudio

My experience in Vivere salon was great. The staffs are friendly and nice. They also offered me drinks. And Ms. Rose trying to massage my back while waiting for the time.

I'm so happy with the final result, my hair feels so good! l love my new hair color and my haircut!

Come and visit Vivere Salon to experience the more beautiful you!

And by the way, you can also purchase their products that are scientifically proven hair treatments

There are 10 branches of Vivere Salon, and the one i visited is located at 3rd Floor, Glorietta 2, Palm Drive, Makati City with Telephone Number (02) 812-3364.

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