Tuesday, May 02, 2017

How to Aesthetic Party in a Jiffy

A placemat sometimes called as table mat is a small covering for tables. A pad sometimes made of cloth, plastic or paper designated to each individual place setting, unlike table cloths that covers the entire surface.

People use placemats not just to prevent food from staining and spilling on the table cloth, and to clean the table faster (cleaning/replacing placemats instead of washing the entire table cloth), it was actually originally used for authenticity - to pull a look together arrangement or to dress up the occassion. 

So for special occasions, if you want to liven up and take your celebration to the next level, use placemats that matches your theme party. Where to look?

CTG Printz Enterprise is all about printing. They provide full service, from concept design to final output, printing.

Inclusive but not limited to prints on Cloth, Paper, PVC/Plastic like Bags - Messenger, Business/Name Cards, Acrylic Covers on Notebook, Bags - Convention/Envelope Calendar, Acrylic Diaplay, Bags - Non woven/EcoBags, Catalogue/Directory, Baller, Caps Fan, Ballpen, Face Towel, Flyers/Brochure, Buntings, Folding/Twist Fan, Folder, CD Direct Print, ID Cord/Lanyard, Giftwrappers, ID-PVC, Greeting Cards, MousePad, Jersey Uniformas, Hashtags Mugs, Katsa/Canvass Bags, ID, PVC Keychain, MousePad Invitation, ShirtTags (Satin/Taffeta), Polycanvass Bags, Keychain (paper insert), Stressball T-Shirt, Letterhead, Tarpaulin, Umbrella, Memo Pad/Sticky Notes, USB Card, Gallery Wrap, Menu USB Stick, Notebook/Notepad, Xintra Board/Standees, Paper Bag/Wine Bag, Paper Cups/Tray, Placemat, Posters/Postcards, Souvenir Progran, Sticker-Barcode/Labels, Tickets, Tumbler (paper insert) and photobook.

CTG Printz Enterprise offers printing of placemats in different materials depending on their purpose - to protect, to decorate, to entertain and even, if you're creative enough, to advertise.

What's more is that, aside from placemats they also offer paper cups and plastic cups! CTG Printz Enterprise is where you can find all your authenticity party essential! 

CTG Printz Enterprise:
Official Website: www.ctgprintz.com
Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CTGPrintzEnterprise
Email Address: ctgprintz@gmail.com
Telephone Number: 208.7398
Mobile Number: 0925.8284284

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