Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Judy Astley's All Inclusive

I've been reading this on and off, during at night when I couldn't sleep and when I'm traveling, or waiting on a queue and finally, after several months of digesting this including cocktail recipes as its chapters, I finally am done with my All Inclusive vacation at the Mango Experience Sports 'n Spa!
This is about vacationing away from your reality. Limited time to push yourself to let go of the things you worry about and just relax, rejuvenate and be well pampered for the city life, personal drama and hustle-bustle of everyday routine.
Very well plotted. You'll learn a thing or two from this book and I especially admire Ned's Beth. I think I would like myself to be seated in between her and Lesley, and will definitely give each other a pat on a back, for being honest and charming and awesome. I felt the salty breeze and the fine coarse sand in between my toes and now, I am longing to go the beach! :)
I'm excited to read another of Judy Astley's and I'm eyeing the "Size Matters!". It's quite tempting! ;)


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