Tuesday, June 10, 2014

BDJ Box Beauty Soiree: Revlon Power Nails Party

Nail arts are girly, admit it. And as much as I would love to wear my girly personality ('yknow like falsies, smokey eyes aaand nail arts) at work especially in the field (construction sites), it always felt like inappropriate and err, awkward?
BDJ Box: "Guess what little miss engineer, there are work-appropriate nail art techniques!"
Gerilen: "What?"
Yes! BDJ Box and Revlon cooked up series of beauty soirees about girl's love for nail arts! Lucky enough, I got invited on it's second nail party pertaining techniques to have that work-appropriate nail arts!
Hosted by BDJ BOX Beauty Minister Nicole Romero, introducing BDJ Box Beauty Soiree Power Nails: 2nd part of the Revlon Nail Party Series!

I've been to a lot of BDJ Rendezvous and BDJ Box Beauty Social, but this, this is my first BDJ Box Soiree!
Thank you so much BDJ Box team for this photo!

With Ms. Edleen of BDJ Box :)
I'm surprise to find the bellas lining up for the buffet even before the event started and I realized that this must mean one thing...
It's playtime later! We need food to ace the game! Ha!
That Conti's pasta is superb!
Everything was a blur. A happy blur that is called gradient.
The generous loot bags!
A more clearer photo of our playthings at the BDJ Soiree. Yup, those were perfumed scented colors...
Ready for playtime!
My attempts:
Right hand
Left hand
Alas! I have few more bottles of enamels to finish before I master this art, but no worries for me, Revlon got my back!
What's inside my loot?
3 full size neutral Revlon Colorstay longwear nail enamels in Mocha, Cool Beige and Rose Beige
3 Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy in White Hot, Celestial Shine and Pink Dawn
2 Revlon Nail Art Shiny Matte in Tortoise Shell and Leather and Lace
which costs Php375.00 per bottle! Generous indeed!
Please ignore my not-so-professional shot... lol
Thank you so much BDJ Box for this photo with the event's host, Ms. Nicole Romero of BeautyandSparkle.

If you want to have your Revlon nail art essentials now and you don't wanna sweat it, just visit BDJBOX.com and shop online! Hassle free you don't have to break a nail! :D
Watch out for the tips we learned from Ms. Nicole on my second portion of this BDJ Soiree!
Ciao! I got laundry, err, nails to dry!
*Some photos were taken from here.

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