Sunday, June 12, 2016



The first and only Transfer Factor drink in the world, featuring 4Life's exclusive Tri-Factor formula. Supports the immune system's natural ability to educate, boost and balance with the exclusive Tri-Factor Formula. Features the exclusive combination of Transfer Factor E-XF and NanoFactor. Revs up energy reserves with a composition of essential fatty acids, amino acids, trace minerals and flavonoids. Includ s a potent fusion of antioxidant juices, including:

-Transfer Factor (What is Transfer Factor? Click the link:
-Vitamin C


-Anti-Intestinal Parasites 

Best in Preventing and Overcoming:

-Cancer/Tumor Stage 1 to 4
-Chronic fatigue 
-Dengue fever
-Dry skin/Cracked heel
-Loss of appetite 
-Obesity (overweight)
-Tuberculosis (TB)
-Fungal/Bacterial infection
-Hepatitis A, B, C
-High cholesterol 
-Varicose veins 

For more information, please visit my website:
Contact no.: 0925-5242513 - Elizabeth Alcones (International Distributor)


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